Talking side-hustles with our designer, Kate

For the first few months of it’s life, Good Beans was our side-project – a bit of fun to make freelance working more interesting. Three and a half years later and the side-hustle is well and truly the actual hustle.

Our designer, Kate, recently started a side-project of her own, and we think it’s worth sharing with the world…

What do you do at Good Beans?

I design all of our digital products (like the Wen website) and printed materials (like evaluation reports for Macmillan). I also help with branding (including the Good Beans brand!) and data visualisation. A bit of everything!

How would you describe your design style?

For me it’s about creating beautiful designs that function intuitively and resonate with their audience.

What are your favourite trends right now?

I try to avoid trends or one specific style and design according to the brief. Personally though I love mid-century and vintage. I’m a big fan of random decorative nik naks that don’t have a function apart from being great / amusing.

How important is your work-life balance?

I think balance in everything is pretty important. For me it’s a juggle between family, work, friends and me time. Trying to keep them all topped up is the trick and also impossible haha.

What remote work tool couldn’t you live without?

My dog who is my main source of conversation during the day. She’s a great colleague. Also my laptop is probably quite useful.

Tell us about your new project!

I make collages and ceramics and I’ve just set up an online shop where I sell them! My work is inspired by women, animals, vintage goods, food and mental health. All pieces are hand made in my studio in London. Everything I sell is designed to celebrate weirdness and spread joy. You can find them at

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