Top 5 marketing tips ready for the new year

The start of a new year is a great time to take a look at your business and set some good marketing habits.

We’ve been working with some amazing purpose-based organisations and have learnt that many share the same marketing niggles. So to help kick start the year, we’ve listed our top 5 tips to make 2020 your most successful yet.

These tips will help you make a great start to your new year. However, it can be easy to not know where to begin. Book a consultation, and we’ll help to set your marketing priorities for free.

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It can be tempting to please everyone at once, but trying to reach all of your audiences will reduce your impact.

Take some time to think about your core USP, the problem you are solving, and importantly, why you are solving it. Then write confident and snappy messages that quickly explain your business and ethos.

By displaying your true motivation, your audience are more likely to connect meaningfully with you, taking them from passive observers to evangelising about your product.

We’re running a workshop on January 30th to find your business purpose and how to communicate it effectively. Spaces are limited, find out more.


So you have a website, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube but don’t have time to keep them all up to date? Don’t be held ransom by having accounts you can’t maintain. Choose the channels that best suit your target audience and content.

Got lots of beautiful products? Stick to Insta. Heavily involved in the industry? Get sharing your opinion on Twitter. A neglected social channel is worse than none so play to your strengths. Or if you really hate it, outsource it to a social media keen bean.


You have a brand, whether you are an individual or a business, and it needn’t be an expensive exercise to have a look that appeals. Consistent images, colours and even the most simple graphic style all help build awareness. It also makes it so much easier to create content if you have some set ways of displaying your message.

If you’re not the creative sort, get in touch and we can create some styles and templates to keep you looking oh so good.


Your contact list is one of the most valuable aspects of your business. You don’t need to spend lots of money for a fancy CRM, a well organised spreadsheet will do – what’s most important is that you add to it.

Events, chance encounters, networking, mailing lists – these are all opportunities to add names and contact details to your lists. Then make sure you keep in touch, sending your contacts lots of relevant content and news. Since people that already know you are more likely to become customers, this strategy is always the most likely to succeed.


So you look and sound good, now you can sit back and make all the money? Don’t get too comfortable! It’s a competitive world out there and you should always assume someone is ready to lure your customers away from you.

Make time each month to assess your closest competitors. Signing up to their newsletters is a good start and tells you what they are doing and who they are trying to reach. Review your web analytics, social insights, and industry trends, and make sure you apply this learning to your marketing strategy to keep ahead of the game.


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