Breaking down barriers to psychiatric support

10 Windsor Walk is a psychotherapy support centre in the heart of Camberwell. Operated as a Community Interest Company, their mission is to break down barriers that prevent local people most in need accessing psychological support.

The team approached Good Beans as their branding and website wasn’t serving themselves or their users well.

We set about creating an entirely new visual identity for the organisation, something that was bright and inviting, avoiding any cliched therapy imagery.

The result was a clean palette of earthy shades and a logo evoking 10 Windsor Walk’s open front door. Designed to be a fresh take on psychiatry, the branding now appeals to a wider and younger demographic, without alienating existing audiences.

We then built a custom WordPress site that is fully editable by the team, and features user friendly indexing so people can find visitor information and booking easily. Content is clear, and showcases their passion and understanding of the subject.

It was a great project to be involved in, and we are excited to see this vital organisation continue to grow, making psychotherapy more accessible.