A community centre with an innovative model

The Bromley by Bow Centre is a pioneering charity that combines an extensive neighbourhood hub with a medical practice and a community research project. They deliver over 40 different services that support over 2000 people. When they rebranded in 2018 they needed to overhaul their website, which included creating relevant content that speaks to their service users.

Good Beans got stuck into all departments of the Bromley by Bow Centre and produced original content for all of their services, as well as the rest of the 80+ page website. To ensure the site was picked up by the right people, we also devised an long-term SEO strategy to promote their unique healthcare model organically.

“With limited resources Good Beans have become a fundamental pillar of the BBBC. I was impressed by their level of understanding of very complex comms challenges and resolving them with very down to earth and simple action driven solutions”. – Sergio del Prado, Communications Manager

Your website is the heart of your organisation and often the first point of contact with your audience. Contact us for a website review and see what a difference it can make.