Our Space: a microsite for workplace wellbeing

With 150 members of staff, many of who work with the community, the Bromley by Bow Centre was all too aware how a demanding work life can impact mental wellbeing.

They approached Good Beans to create a printed ‘pack’ for their staff, to help them to look after their mental health. Instead, we proposed a micro site for staff to access whenever or wherever they liked. The result, ‘Our Space’, is an online platform bursting with information and resources about all aspects of health, including events, news,  and external services.

We wanted Our Space to be highly accessible for all staff, not just those already taking steps to look after their own mental health. Working in collaboration with a therapist, Our Space is easy to update, user friendly and designed in line with the wider Centre branding.

Micro sites are a useful method for organisations to create secure areas for staff, or a separate section for new products or campaigns, without the high price tags that come with continually keeping printed materials up to date. Speak to us about getting one for your organisation.