Therapist matching service product launch is an online directory of UK therapists and wellbeing resource. The growth of interest in mental health and changing attitudes towards the importance of self-care is creating a huge demand for services, as well as an increase in the number of people training as therapists.

Welldoing recognised that despite this fact, people face a number of barriers when trying to seek help. Trust is an important factor when investing in something so personal. It can also feel like a time-consuming job search for a therapist, that is affordable, local and available.

Knowing this, Welldoing launched a Personalised Matching Service that connects the customer with the right therapist. After an initial free consultation, if the client doesn’t like their match, they can match again.

We worked with Welldoing to run a campaign for the launch of the new service.  The campaign used a mix of organic and paid tactics and complimented their wealth of facinating web content.

Like many of our clients, Welldoing is a small team with many responsibilities and stretched budgets. The aim of this project was not just to deliver the campaign, but to put processes in place that would enable them to produce more effective communications in the future.