Speaking up for a fairer food system

Often, purpose-based organisations are involved in many projects which can be ongoing or concluded. Describing what you do or did, and its impact can be a challenge, especially if the work is complex. 

Food Matters is an incredible organisation working to make the food system fairer and more sustainable. They run a variety of programmes, each speaking to different stakeholders, and were finding it hard to describe what they do clearly. As they were already mid website redesign, they got in touch with Good Beans to help with the content.

After talking through their mission and audiences, we created a Tone of Voice document. In it were their new tone guidelines, and adaptations for different elements of their work. Filled with examples and tips, it’s a great resource for their team to return to when copywriting isn’t flowing.

When you do something as important as Food Matters, communicating your work and ethos is vital. Now the team is able to speak more coherently about what they do, and appeal to a broader audience. Check out their new website and see for yourself.

If your copy is in need of a refresh, get in touch.