What we’ve done, and what we can do


Producing original copy for your own project can be challenging. Don’t bash the keyboard in despair! We love working with our clients to bring order and purpose to their writing. We can also produce guidelines so even the office dog can create content that hits the mark, every time.

With many audiences, our client Kinteract was struggling to find a way to speak to them all. They have made a unique classroom app that is disrupting the education industry. The team behind the start-up are technically gifted, but struggled to communicate the multiple benefits of their product.

Good Beans found focus by defining the aim of their communications. We isolated their key audience, and rewrote their website content to highlight specific features. Concepts were simplified and Plain English was adopted across the site.

Let us take the time and hassle out of creating compelling content, whatever the platform.

Social media

Social media is a cost effective way of communicating directly with audiences and has quickly become a key part of any business’ communications strategy. With more and more social networks emerging, it’s also a noisy arena with lots of competing content.

We identify our client’s audiences, developing tailored channel and content strategies. With thorough reporting in place, you can then accurately measure progress towards your objectives.

Social Media advertising can reap rewards or be an expensive waste of time. We’ll advise as to the right campaigns, then develop the creative and monitor results to ensure a decent return on investment.

We’re a social pair, get in touch to find out more.


It can be all too tempting to speak to all of your audiences at once, but without a clear strategy in place, this tactic often leads to brand confusion. We always seek to understand who exactly you need to engage and what the desired outcome is. After some delving into the subject and audience, we write on-point messaging, adapting it for online, print and press.

Once ready, it’s time to reach out. A Good Beans campaign combines great design with the right mix of marketing tactics. For instance, with Well Grounded, the only social enterprise coffee training academy, we produced an infographic alongside a film telling the stories of their alumni. The two pieces provided a wealth of content for use on their channels and made clear the role of their work. Tell us about your marketing niggles, and find out how we can help you reach the right people.


Building a website can be a daunting prospect, but it needn’t be a nightmare. There’s a wealth of off-the-shelf web products out there these days, however a bespoke website is always going to elevate your organisation. Good Beans will help you compete with the best of them.

Working with us on your digital project cuts out the expense of larger web design agencies. By working directly with stand-out designers and developers we trust, we are able to create websites and apps with impact.

Every project is approached in the same way – by taking into account the audience and their specific needs. From there, it’s a fun process to create a digital product to be proud of.


Your visual identity affects how your brand is perceived and can be the difference between boom and bust. Input from talented creatives can speak a thousand words when done right, which is why good design is at the heart of everything we do.

We have a network of accomplished designers, filmographers, and animators. Or, If we don’t know them, we’ll find them in order to produce exceptional finished products.

We’ve helped create all manner of content for print, online or live events. Save time and endless rounds of feedback by letting us run the creative process from nailing the perfect brief to procuring the best print.

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